Wednesday 30 May 2012

Confirmation Presents

So the time has come to think pressies.

Always seemed to get given books on these occasions.

for my First Holy Communion a white missal that had those awful woodblock pictures that were both ugly and frightening looking, but went up til the amazingly futuristic year of 1999.

Then when I was confirmed, Cardinal Hume's, 'To be a pilgrim,' which deserves a post on it's own, so miserable did I find it. One bit that stood out even at the time was where he more or less tells people feeling oh so wistful for the EF Mass that they just need to grin and bear it. At the time I couldn't work out why a cardinal had to tell people to embrace something that they were unenthusiastic about.

Then there was a book about Fatima, which I just found frightening. (To be fair, it doesn't take much, visions of hell etc and the general reaction of those around them to their apparitions..)

And a CTS book of plainchant in modern notation....

For my god daughter, the Ignatius Press biography of St Gianna Molla, the Catholic Heroines book edited by Joanna Bogle and the Compendium to The Catechism. Any book duplication and she can pass it to her younger sister or one of her cousins. I' d quite like to give her a CD of some sacred music or chant too and am working on that.

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Ben Trovato said...

YouCat is well worth a look - much better than the name suggests! It was reviewed at the CTS reviews blog a while back.

leutgeb said...

Thank you. I opted for the Compendium, this time, but next time I need a present, maybe that's what I should get.