Thursday 10 May 2012

St Hildegard von Bingam

Ora pro nobis.


Patrick Sheridan said...

...of Bingen? He sequences make an interesting linguistic and musical study. The chant for her most famous sequence, Columba aspexit, for St Maximinus, is beautiful, but not like Gregorian chant.

Her published letters are in two volumes, but they're rather expensive.

leutgeb said...

I'd be really interested in knowing exactly how it differed from Gregorian chant. different use of modes, different motivic content, different use of melismas or is it due to a different composition of the text.

Mind you, it would be a good to proceed from a detailed description of what features you expect Gregorian Chant to display since the repertoire is somewhat diverse.

It's a bit like saying Mozart Symphonies aren't like most symphonies. Kinda depends which ones you are comparing them to really; pretty similar to Haydn, all things considered, a lot differrent from Sibelius.

I first encountered her music 20 years ago when she was universally referred to as Hildegard von Bingam.