Wednesday 18 February 2009

Holy Father quotes St Bede



madame evangelista said...

I am very, very fond of St Bede :)

leutgeb said...

SS Bede and Cuthbert et al are cool and local to lucky you and to me when I was a student, being buried minutes from where I lived!

madame evangelista said...

You used to live in Durham? Were you living in the Castle? I've never even been in there.

leutgeb said...

I studied there. Did a few concerts and graduated in the Great Hall of the Castle but lived in St John's on South Bailey. First Year room overlooked the archway into the Cathedral Close.

Bede and Cuthbert are buried in the Cathedral - mins from the College.

Happy days.

madame evangelista said...

Yes I've been to visit Messrs. Bede & Cuthbert but not very often I must admit.

How lovely to have that view from your room!