Tuesday 3 February 2009

Interesting Times

School is back on tomorrow, so I may end up doing what was planned for the rest of the week whereby each day has some big concert or travelling to be done. To the station early, I think.

My brothers are each having a more unpredictable, non-snow related, time just now, so at least it's just public transport which is providing my uncertainties.


Jane said...



Have you seen the Petition to support Pope Bendict as he weathers this storm. Best place to look for explanation is Fr Blake, who it seems is part of its inception. The group is mainly French but there are six langauages to choose from. Its a very good letter of support and encouragement although the Eng. translation is somewhat infelicitous, the message comes over well. It's already on 5 respected ortho/RC blogs including Fr Tim's. .

I leave it with you.
Thanks for reply about gardening post. Will try to do at weekend. I'm looking forward to it

leutgeb said...

Thanks, yes I have signed it.

Looking forward to the gardening post, which I'll read mid next week after I get back from a school trip....

The allotment is a little white at the moment with a pile of branches and mess in the middle.

WCF round the corner will be able to use the sawn up trees on their fire in due course and the rest well, we'll see.