Tuesday 24 February 2009

Fr Tim reviews that article


As Fr Z says he has a readership of more than 23 000, daily.
Everyone who wants to has already read both their fisks of the complete article.
It was put up last Thursday after all.

I have a very modest readership. Hi both of you!

I just write a blog to add support to other people in the firing line.

Update Slow readers can read Fr Z's fisk here.
Been on holidays? Off you go to see what's going on.


berenike said...

I had a schitzel sandwich for brekkie (schnitzel for dinner yesterday), and am wondering whether I can squeeze in a quick dash to the butcher's this morning for some beef ... but gran needs doughnuts, and the baker's is the other way ... oh the decisions ...

Thank you for the link! :-)

berenike said...

I've replaced Fr Z's with Fr Finigan's original article, courtesy of googlecaching :-)

muchos thanks for the plug :-)

Mulier Fortis said...

Come on, Leutgeb... you know that you have at least three readers!

leutgeb said...

Just got home.

Schnitzel, beef, doughnuts, yum.

Time for pancakes.

2 readers? Well maybe 3.
Quality not Quantity.

Clare said...

I'm reading this so that must make me No.4. ..

gemoftheocean said...

FIVE...and counting...